The Theatrical Act of your Special Day

Finding the perfect location for your wedding is fundamental.

This is why, after having evaluated the features of the event together, we at The DaYes try to find the more suitable place, a natural stage to make every moment of your day special and create a timeless suggestive atmosphere.

In Italy, limits do not exist, the choices are infinite, from the different natural landscapes to the different Historic and Cultural Ages. The DaYes proposes:

Castel Gandolfo and Castelli Romani

A Wedding by the Seashore

A wedding at Castel Gandolfo means taking in the sensational panorama of Lake Albano. Known as the summer residence of the Popes, Castel Gandolfo is a small and picturesque Borgo situated on the volcanic area of Lake Albano, at one time famous to have hosted the Olympic boat races. Near Rome, Castel Gandolfo is one of the municipals of the area of Castelli Romani and has a spectacular panorama that extends from one edge of Lake Albano and from the other up to Rome.
Ancient ruins, sensational panoramas and an unrivaled park are some of the riches of this area including the delectable eno-gastronomic cuisine as well as a healthy lifestyle, surrounded by peaceful settings.

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We Organise your Wedding in Rome

Rome has always been considered the city of love by excellence and is one of the preferred locations of couples wanting to get married, thanks to the beauty of the many churches of the historic centre and the immortal charisma of the location of the Municipality, in Campidoglio.

If the setting chosen for the wedding is Rome, the guarantee of a fairytale is assured from the beginning. Rome is not only a city with many monuments, palaces and museums that have no equal in the world; it is also a modern, lively city which offers entertainment: all you need to do is change your dress and the bride and groom are already on their honeymoon in the Eternal City.

If you decide on a civil wedding in Rome, it is possible to get married inside the monuments and historic piazzas by requesting authorization from the municipality. Furthermore, the excellent transport networks with all of Europe make Rome a perfect Destination Wedding for foreign couples that choose Italy for their wedding.
We propose ideal scenarios for your wedding in Rome, perfect for those looking for a location able to seriously transform the most beautiful day into an unforgettable day because getting married in Rome means getting married in the city of love, given that the word Roma, read backwards is Amor!

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Get Married along the Hills of Tuscany

The ‘Yes’ of your life pronounced by the sea, in the suggestive castles, in the fortresses, and on the piers. The beach locations, Borghi and cities of artistic history are in effect many in Tuscany, the most known Italian region abroad.

The colourful Tuscany landscape lit up by the warm rays of the sun and the beauty of its panorama, have always enchanted visitors travelling through the “Belpaese”. Between the greenery of the hills, the blue of the rivers and the sky, the colours of the artworks and of emotions, your important day could not have a better setting. A land rich of art and culture, Tuscany is a famous wedding destination as well as for its culinary tradition. Without forgetting, its famous Chianti and Montepulciano vineyards, its more than just a wedding location.

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The Coast of Amalfi

Wedding by the Coast

To get married in the Borghi of the Amalfi Coast, means choosing an unequaled location among the more beautiful and romantic places of the world.

A perfect combination of romanticism, beauty and harmony that make the Amalfi Coast the perfect place to get married, a wedding destination for many couples arriving from every corner of the world. Magnificent lookouts along the seashore, sunny beaches, scenic landscapes, side streets with the scent of lemons and of ancient traditions, bright colours that shine from the ceramics widely used. This is why more and more couples choose to get married on the Amalfi Coast.
From the widely-known locations such as Amalfi, Ravello, Positano, Furore and still Conca dei Marini, Atrani, Praiano, Maiori and Minori, Erchie, Cetara, up to Vietri sul Mare.

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A Wedding in Sicily

Sicily is one of the most romantic destinations in Europe, rich in Architecture, in Art and beauty.

If your dream is to get married in a boat or on one of the beaches of the Eolie Islands or the Egadi Islands, Sicily is the right choice. Imagine getting married among the enchanting scenarios of Taormina or of Valle dei Templi of Agrigento, surrounded by the perfume of the citrus fruits. Otherwise, to frame your ‘Yes’, are the amazing palaces of the ancient aristocracy and the castles with an ocean view.
Sicily offers different locations, all very suggestive, among which vineyards and olive groves that lie on the hills of Sicily, leave a perfumed scent in the air together with the orange blossoms. Sicily is a mix of culture and beauty, an ideal picture frame to give your wedding a magic touch. If you are planning on getting married, Sicily is the ideal place for you!

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A Wedding in Puglia

A ceremony among the olive groves and near the sea, between the red soil and the blue skies is an experience that the guests will never forget.

To get married in Puglia means to be surrounded by flavours, scents, colours and unforgettable traditions. Starting from Polignano a Mare up to Torre Canne and passing through Grotte di Castellana up to Valle d’Itria, we can give you advice on spectacular wedding destinations and ideal for a wedding that leaves everyone astonished. As a location, The DaYes does not propose only the sea, but you can choose between farmhouses and trulli, the true protagonists of this rural landscape, surrounded by majestic olive groves.
The Pugliese enogastronomic cuisine pays tribute to the vast variety of local products. Uncontaminated land, crystal-clear seas, an array of white houses, exquisite dishes and spectacular views, Puglia gives many reasons as to why you should organise your wedding in this dream world. We are ready to organise a wedding that not only lasts one day, but that aboveall is also a holiday, where you can discover the history, the culture and the cuisine.

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A Wedding in a Lagoon

It is difficult to imagine something more romantic than a wedding in Venice. The gondole, the canals, the bridges, the narrow streets and the extraordinary artistic beauty as well as the millennial and glorious history are the essence of the charisma of a floating city, unique in the world.

Pronouncing the famous ‘Yes’, embracing the romantic atmosphere that only the lagoon city can give, is the dream of many couples, just as many dream to arrive in gondola accompanied by the soft murmur of the waters and of the magnificence of the facades of the palaces. Emerge yourself with the emotions that the displays of lights of a city floating on water, surrounded yourself with the thousands of colours of the unique venetian palaces and enjoy the spectacular sunset by the shore.

To choose Venice for your wedding means to be surrounded by Piazza San Marco with the Basilica, Palazzo Ducale, the Zattere, Ponte dei Sospiri, la Giudecca and the islands. To live a special moment, we suggest you go on a tour along Canal Grande by gondola, an historic venetian embarkation point. The poetic charisma of the floating city by excellence, is a special gift to yourself and your loved ones.

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Let yourself be conquered by the magical Italian locations to fully experience the most beautiful day of your life.
On the day of your wedding, The DaYes will be there to advise you in any choice.

Giorgia and Alessia

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Il Teatro del Vostro Giorno Speciale

Luxury wedding abroad

Many incurable romantics dream to pronounce their Yes in exotic destinations, far away from everyone and from everything, on remote beaches or countries rich in tradition and culture. Among the more popular wedding destinations are the tropical countries as well as the islands

Organising a wedding abroad also has an advantage: it combines the ceremony with the honeymoon. Among the dream destinations, we suggest:


Getting married in Mykonos

Greece, a land of traditions and an uncontaminated natural environment, gives you the opportunity to pronounce your Yes with your feet in the sand or on one of the terraces overlooking the sea. Every year, the beauty of the natural environment of Mykonos attracts many couples that decide to celebrate their day on this dream island. The predominant white colour and the blue colour of the windows and doors, make the perfect backdrop to the stunning sunset. The traditional cuisine of the area and the traditional music will accompany you on your wedding day.

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A Wedding in Ibiza

A wedding in Ibiza can be religious, civil or symbolic. This splendid island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea is chosen by many future wedding couples for its natural beauty, its climate and the sense of freedom.

Every beach has an enchanting scenario, it is only a question of choice. Ibiza is considered the paradise of Europe for its summer entertainment, an amazing place for a wedding destination. The locations on the island, are in effect, used as scenarios for awesome parties, so nothing better for your wedding party.

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Let yourself be conquered by the magical Italian locations to fully experience the most beautiful day of your life.
On the day of your wedding, The DaYes will be there to advise you in any choice.

Giorgia and Alessia

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